List of Members

NuMeSA is a company committed to gut health. We have been producing traditionally made kefir for 9 years and make the widest range of kefir in SA. All our kefir is made using live cultures aka a kefir grains. This ensure maximum probiotic diversity. We run a FSA audited food production factory in Mnandi, Centurion. Visit their website.
Gut Bar makes accessing gut health easy by providing a diverse range of gut health products under one umbrella. Gut Bar collaborates with producers of gut health products. All products meet the Gut Health Association of South Africa’s mandates so you have peace of mind. Gut Bar products and offerings are available from our website We also have Gut Bar Traders and Agents at markets. Visit their website.
Executive Colon Cleanse is a company in the business of Colon hydrotherapy/colon irrigation. Sissy Nhlapo is the owner and founder member. She is a qualified and registered Colon Hydro therapist, a specialist in the Advanced Art of Colon Hydrotherapy, a Clinical hydro therapist, and a ColoLAVAGE Practitioner. She obtained her qualifications at the Wellness Institute of Digestive Health Care and Gastroenterologists- GI Doctors in New York. I’ve just completed another course last month with the International School, Colon Hydrotherapy in Florida USA. Visit their website.
Jackson's Real Food Market retail all gut health products at both their stores along with many other health support products. They have an eatery and a supermarket under one roof. Visit their website.
HoopyPlay offers handmade extra-large hoops crafted from recycled plastic, tailored to individual specifications for optimal performance. Our Play Dates provide guided experiences that blend movement, laughter, and shared connection, promoting well-being and personal growth in a fun and inclusive environment. HoopyPlay is a member of Gut Health Association SA and is dedicated to advancing awareness and understanding of the crucial link between gut health and overall well-being. Through hula hooping, HoopyPlay promotes gut health by stimulating the digestive system through rhythmic movement. The circular motion of hooping engages the core muscles, massaging the internal organs and facilitating digestion. Additionally, hooping encourages deep breathing, which can aid in relaxation and reduce stress, further benefiting gut health. By integrating hooping into our playful approach to well-being, we aim to support individuals in achieving holistic health and vitality. Cheryl +27 72 245 4957
Bronwen has been in the gut health industry for more than 8 years and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. She offers gut health consultations to establish the health of your gut and potential root causes of dis-ease and illnesses. For bookings email
Thermal imaging is able to identify early warning signs of GORD/GERD and further offer solutions in terms of addressing this digestive imbalance. We offer a finger prick blood test to help clients in identifying food intolerances and then guide them in terms of improving gut health and dysbiosis. We also offer a range of natural products to assist in reducing inflammation and correcting the gut balance. Visit their website.
From the four corners of the United States, to South Korea, Che Upton spent many years traveling the globe. After a time spent teaching English in South Korea, she started Che-ke & Bake, a catering business in South Korea. When her run there was over, she travelled on, following the trails of the Inca, visiting Machu Picchu, eating Empanadas in Argentina, ceviche in Chile, pisco in Peru and many places in between. Her traveling done (for now), she has hung up her hiking shoes and donned her apron in Johannesburg, keen to share her knowledge of the world of food in South Africa. Visit their website.
"BEAUTY FROM WITHIN” • Your Gut Health determines your Internal Health as well as your External health. By not observing natural health, many people suffer from modern-day chronic health symptoms and age-related issues including Skin Health and Aging. • At Imsyser Health we developed a unique range of health products supporting Gut Health, Immunity, Nutrition and Skin Care. • Our Health Products are unique, 100% Natural, and safe to use for all ages. • Our passion is in helping the individual achieve their healthiest health goals from the inside out using organically sourced raw materials from South Africa. • The Imsyser product range is completely unique in the South African marketplace, making Imsyser’s Products and Health Programs completely sought after. Our present scope of business includes a national footprint with selected leading pharmacies and Medical Practitioners with International accredited agencies as distributing outlets to penetrate Market share in targeted Countries. We at Imsyser Health would like to bring this “Health Message” for all to all at an affordable price as health is not only for those who can afford it; it should be a privilege for every person. Visit their website.